The Subtle Differences among Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

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What is Data Science and why is it important? How is it related to Machine Learning? Are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence the same thing? If no, how are they different?

I encounter these and similar questions very frequently by a lot of people excited to enter this amazing field which has suddenly grown so much.

Data Science is anything that you do with Data. Data gathering, storing, cleaning, processing, analyzing, visualizing, etc. all come under the term DATA SCIENCE. As a data scientist should be able to play around with data of any size and different types, build scalable tools to get insights, and simply, answer questions which will drive business value. This includes the use of advanced analytics, statistics, and often times, coding.


Machine Learning means making the machines learn with help of data. So how do you get this data and convert it into the right form for the machine to learn from it? DATA SCIENCE!


Artificial Intelligence is a broader concept of making the machines intelligent. It means making machines capable of doing things which are done easily by humans, like cognitive thinking. ML, we can say, is a part of AI, or is the major part of AI. Because how do you make the machines learn like humans? MACHINE LEARNING!

Now the main question arises: Why are these such buzzwords?

Because we have so much data about everything today, that almost all business decisions can be based on it. The combined power of cognitive thinking like humans and computational capabilities of computers is bound to disrupt virtually everything!

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